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Jagdeep Singh opens up about 5Jab Fitness, working amidst COVID-19 and more

LockerRoom Team
30 June 2020

Attaining Fitness through Combat sports is a thriving concept in India at the moment. In a short span of time, 5Jab Fitness led by Indian Heavyweight boxer Jagdeep Singh has managed to create a space of their own in the Indian fitness scene.

A respected name in the boxing circuit, Jagdeep founded 5Jab Fitness to fulfil his passion for fitness through which he wants to help out people.

Apart from his work with 5Jab Fitness, Jagdeep is also the director of BoxSingh, an organization that enables underprivileged children to become boxers so that they can increase their exposure to opportunities in life.

We at LockerRoom managed to catch up with him recently for a small interview about the journey of 5Jab Fitness. Below is what he had to say:

The story behind the name of 5Jab Fitness

“I wanted a name that reflected my love for boxing and my Punjabi roots. 5Jab Fitness is rooted in creating balance.  The concept is simple, build your strength, utilize your own body and connect to your senses. Our 5 fingers when closed form a fist and lastly if you read the number 5 in Punjabi and put the word together with Jab, you have PUNJ -Jab. An ode to my home, Punjab,”

Handpicked Team and the response to COVID-19 Pandemic

“I have hand-selected my team of Boxers turned 5Jab Fitness Life Coaches (FLC) who share the same passion. We currently have 15 5Jab FLC’s across India and we are continuously expanding.

At the inception of launch, Covid-19 restricted any movement and ability to provide in-person coaching sessions. Social Media was always going to be a part of our platform but we had to pivot to this being our only form of communication and engagement with our clients. Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill and restricted everyone’s ability to move freely. We launched 5Jab Fitness as a campaign to keep moving, #freedomofmovment.”

Fighting the Opponent within us

“5Jab Fitness is not competing with anyone. Boxing Fitness is about fighting the opponent we all have inside us. That opponent that wants you to lose and demotivate you. Boxing is often viewed as just two people fighting in a ring. In order to get to that ring, a boxer needs to put in years of discipline, hard work, coordination and mental strength. With us, in your corner, we simply believe through the discipline of boxing and our support to build your strength each client is a Champion.  You don’t need special gear just your willingness to stand up and begin with a Jab.  Boxing is not just a game of fighting. It’s about winning the inner battles.  It’s a discipline to help face each battle in life as a Champion.”

Plans to scale Globally

“In today’s world, as we all face this Pandemic, unity and health are more important than ever. 5Jab Fitness is looking to scale on a global level and as a result of lockdowns across many nations, we have the potential to scale on this virtual platform to motivate and encourage change. Any movement needs to begin with changing oneself first.”

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