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Indian Open MMA Championship 2021: Full List of Medal Winners

LockerRoom Team
12 September 2021

The Indian Open MMA Championship was held in Indore this past weekend and saw athletes from across the nation competing. The event was held across three days in two cages and had a string of exciting bouts on offer. Below is the list of medals winners.

Men’s Heavyweight

  1. Mohit Agarwal (CG)

Men’s Light Heavyweight

  1. Priyanjan Shalomi (CG)
  2. Arihant Jain (CG)

Men’s Welterweight     

  1. Shubham (MAH)
  2. Akshat (GUJ)
  3. 2nd Runner 1 Dhanush (Chhattisgarh)
  4. 2nd Runner 2 Ram Gujjar (MP)

Men’s Middleweight

  1. Anurag Singh (Uttarakhand)
  2. Dhruv Jaat (MP)
  3. 2nd runner 1 Sumanth Sharan (Raj)
  4. 2nd runner 2 Ravinder Kumar (Telangana)

Men’s Lightweight:

  1. Zarmawia (Mizoram)
  2. Abdul Rahman (Telangana)
  3. 2nd Runner 1: Sreenivasa Ramanuj (Karnataka)
  4. 2nd Runner 2: Mayur (Chattisgarh)

Men’s Featherweight:

  1. Rahul Thapa (Delhi)
  2. Lenin Prakash (Tamil Nadu)
  3. 2nd Runner up 1: Akash Gautam (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. 2nd Runner up 2: Nitesh Yadav (Madhya Pradesh)

Men’s Bantamweight:

  1. Ganesh (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Ramakrishna (Telangana)
  3. 2nd Runner Up 1: Sonu (Punjab)
  4. 2nd Runner Up 2: Akash Yadav (Chattisgarh)

Men’s Flyweight:

  1. Mahboob Khan (Telangana)
  2. Vijay (Tamil Nadu)
  3. 2nd runner up 1: Daivik (Telangana)
  4. 2nd runner up 2: Abhishek Mehra (Delhi)

Men’s Strawweight:

  1. Shabarish (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Mohammed Aziz (Telangana)
  3. Joseph (Mizoram)
  4. Manish (MP)

Female Lightweight:

  1. Surabhi (Madhya Pradesh)
  2. Divya

Female Bantamweight:

  1. Khushboo Chahar (Maharashtra)
  2. Sevi Verma (Madhya Pradesh)

Female Flyweight:

  1. Neha (Madhya Pradesh)
  2. Swati Jain (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. 2nd Runner up 1: Muskan (Chattisgarh)
  4. 2nd Runner Up 2: Sakshi (Madhya Pradesh)

Female Atomweight:

  1. Vridhi (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Kajal (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Dipansha (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Radha (Madhya Pradesh)

Female Strawweight:

  1. Afshan (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Shivanshika (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Jaya Joshi/Kumkum Rathore (Madhya Pradesh)

Youth ‘A’ Light Heavy

  1. Sheik Owais (CG)
  2. Vishesh (Haryana)
  3. Moksh Bhandali

Youth ‘A’ Straw Weight

  1. Adesh Sagar (MP)
  2. Mohammed Ajtab (Delhi)

Youth ‘A’ Catch Weight

  1. Khan Hamza Jamil (Telangana)
  2. Sispal Jaat (MP)

Youth ‘A’ Bantamweight

  1. Y.Ankit (CG)
  2. Yuvraj (MP)
  3. Igor Smart (Goa)
  4. Jatin Rathi (MP)

Youth ‘A’ Flyweight

  1. Alfred (Assam)
  2. Anas Bin Ayas (Telangana)

Youth ‘A’ Female Catchweight:

  1. Arya Choudhury (MP)
  2. Ashta (Delhi)

Team Tamil Nadu secured the greatest number of gold medals at the event. The winners have qualified for the IMMAF World Championship which is set to be held in Kazakhstan in November.

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Results as provided by MMA India.

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*Igor Smart.*You spelt his name wrong and he should have been in Flyweight category as he was not at Bantamweight.

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