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Middleweight standout Ikram Aliskerov looking for a shot at the BRAVE CF Title

LockerRoom Team
29 April 2020

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Ikram Aliskerov's BRAVE CF career has lacked timing. Owner of the organization's Middleweight win record, with five victories at the weight class, the Russian powerhouse decided to drop down to Welterweight right before the promotion beefed up its Middleweight division and crowned a world champion.

After deciding to come back up to 84 kg, however, Ikram feels he's the number one contender for Daniel Gaucho's title and would love to fight "the powerful champion" in Moscow, and wants the organization to host an event there once activity resumes.

Aliskerov started off his BRAVE CF career with four straight wins at Middleweight. Feeling as if he would get even more success at Welterweight and eyeing the title in the division below, Ikram decided to drop down, with mixed results - one victory and one defeat, his lone professional loss thus far. Now that he's settled back at Middleweight, after winning his return fight against Diego Gonzalez, Aliskerov wants the champion or Mohammad Fakhreddine next. Speaking at BRAVE CF Live Chats, he talked about possible next opponents and why he decided to return to 84 kg division.

"My weight in between fights is between 96 and 97 kg, so for me cutting back to 84 kg is easier than cutting to 79 kg (the limit for BRAVE CF Welterweight division is 79,4 kg or 175 lbs). Now, BRAVE CF has a very strong fighter as a Middleweight champion and I would love to fight him. I really want to face him. I also heard that Mohammad Fakhreddine wanted to fight me. We met at BRAVE CF 33, in Saudi Arabia, he's a good guy, we talked a bit. Now I hear he wants to fight me, it's funny. But I want to fight him as well, this would be a good fight", says Aliskerov, who wants to fight in Moscow.

"Before the Coronavirus pandemic, I was thinking of fighting either Daniel or Fakhreddine. Maybe fighting the champion in Moscow, or even a fight with Fakhreddine there would be good for me".


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