WATCH: The rare helicopter Guillotine in action during an MMA fight

LockerRoom Team
16 March 2022

When you think you have seen it all in MMA, there comes up a new thing that completely shatters your perception. One such move is the helicopter guillotine. It is hands down one of the weirdest submissions to pull off in MMA and recently, the move was in action at Clan Wars event recently when Irish fighter Carl McNally pulled it off (in the featured image).

Though the video from Clan Wars and McNally is not available at the moment, Grabaka_Hitman on Twitter posted a video of the rare submission move from 2017. The footage is from the OFS 11 event which happened five years back. You can see the video below. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section of the article below. Image Courtesy: Twitter/Grabaka_Hitman.


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