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Bruce Buffer and Superhuman Gym join hands for a special offer for Indian fans

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Calendar Icon12 June 2020

Legendary ring announcer Bruce Buffer and Superhuman Gym have joined hands for a special offer for the Indian MMA fans.

As a result of the association between the two parties, the fans will now be able to use an exclusive code ‘INDIA’ when ordering personalized championship introduction from

For the uninitiated, fans can order personalized championship introductions from Bruce Buffer through his website either in audio or video format. The site has a form where one can fill out the details that are usually announced for fighters and place their order after paying the amount.

The fans can fill in details such as their fighting style, whether they are from the blue corner or the red corner, their record, height, weight, city, titles and nickname among other things. The recordings, however, will not include any usage of terms trademarked by the UFC such as 'UFC', 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' or 'The Octagon'.

In other words, you can get an audio or video from Bruce Buffer where he will announce your name and details just like he introduces all the legendary MMA fighters out there.

The usage of the ‘INDIA’ coupon code from Superhuman Gym will fetch a flat 10% discount on the price and can be entered in the coupon section of the form mentioned above.

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