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Taking Gym Outdoors: How the pandemic led to the birth of Boxx Era Parks

LockerRoom Team
11 September 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has not been kind to the fitness industry in India. Over the past few months, we’ve covered how the Gyms across the nation struggled during the phase and also brought some stories of how gyms are adapting to the situation.

While it has indeed been a tough period for everyone, it has also given birth to a lot of innovative ideas. Boxx Era Parks is one of them.

Starting with Online Classes

Boxx Era, which was an innovative idea on its own by being a transformation clinic rather than restricting itself to the confinements of being a regular gym, initially tackled the pandemic through online classes.

“The COVID-19 induced pandemic literally shut the gym business in India. As a response to this, during the initial days of the lockdown, Boxx Era brought a 30-days online workout series headed by our celebrity trainer, Head Coach, and transformation expert, Jeeth [Sanghavi]. We would go live every day to help our clients continue their body transformation from home. We aimed to help the clients overcome the lockdown low and depression and focus on being ready for the post-lockdown reality. The goal was to make fitness a part of daily lifestyle. The workout series was curated keeping in mind the needs of our clients and was specially designed to educate people on fitness and nutrition and we consciously kept the workouts basic so that fitness level wouldn’t be a barrier to join. We are glad about the overwhelming response from the community. Those who joined us online for the workout series still continue with their fitness goals with us,” the team noted.

The birth of Boxx Era Parks

However, once the restrictions were eased, the team decided to put together their experience of running outdoor boot camps and give birth to Boxx Era Parks, which took their training outdoors.

“After the post-lockdown relaxations, came the idea of Boxx Era Parks. Since gyms were still asked to remain shut, we decided to put our experience of running outdoor boot camps for the past seven years in both Delhi and Mumbai into Boxx Era Parks. This was the first such initiative where we used the old school concept of bodyweight training in an outdoor setting like a park,” the team added.

The Precautions in place

While providing training based on the fitness goals of their participants with the help of high-level coaches, the team also has put across a set of clear cut rules in light of the on-going pandemic and adds that they even saw an increase in the participation over the past three months.

“We take full care to maintain physical distancing and no equipment is shared. Clients are encouraged to carry their own yoga mats and hand sanitizers when required. Open-air classes are summer’s coolest workout, and not just because there’s more air circulating to stop the spread of germs. Our team of professional trainers take full care of your fitness and nutritional goals while keeping in mind the physical distancing and hygiene. Many walkers have signed up for group, solo, or couple sessions since witnessing our boot camps over the last 3 months. We’re struggling to keep numbers low enough and the entry fees very affordable,” Boxx Era Team concluded.

Currently on-going in Hauz Khas in Delhi, Boxx Era Parks is also on the constant lookout for feedbacks and is also offering free trials for anyone who wants to get a taste of the experience.  


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