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Reopening Gyms in India: How Bidang MMA and Fitness Gym in Guwahati is reopening

LockerRoom Team
25 August 2020

The Gyms across India have reopened following the COVID-19 lockdown. The lockdown had been a huge blow for the Indian fitness industry in general but now that the restrictions are eased, it is time to adapt and get back to business.

In this series ‘Reopening of Gyms in India’, we hope to feature multiple gyms across the nation and their plans in the post-COVID time period. In this fifth chapter, we managed to get responses from Indian MMA star and founder of Bidang MMA and Fitness, Bhabajeet Choudhury. Below is what he had to say.

Moving the training online

During the lockdown, we moved our training online as we didn’t want our clients to miss out on their training, to which all our clients responded well and joined in for the online sessions. There were few of them who could not train online, so we encouraged them to at least do the minimum basic fitness training at home.

New precautions that are in place

Fortunately, Bidang is one of the most spacious gyms in Guwahati, so we can easily maintain social distancing during the training. We have done deep sanitization of all the three gyms before re-opening and on a daily basis, the sanitization is done before and after every batch.

We have kept sanitizers at the entrance to be freely used by all. Also, our trainers check the temperature of each & everyone entering the premises.

Addressing the concerns from clients

Re-opening was a bit chaotic and everybody was scared. However, our clients are all fitness enthusiasts and everybody is happy to be back at the gym. Safety is generally everybody's concern, but seeing all the safety measures we have extensively taken they are quite relieved. Another major part of their query comes around for the membership, which we have taken care of and extended with certain compensatory rules.

Take on the Government Guidelines and training Combat Sports

I feel these guidelines should be followed, that's in the interest of all.  Absolutely, it has become the new normal and people have gradually accepted that for quite some time we got to live like this. We have to consider the safety of our clients, fighters, and trainers as well.

We certainly don’t want to risk anything here, so initial few weeks we just are training with absolutely no contact focusing mainly on Fitness, Cross Fit, strength, conditioning, Endurance, etc. Also, this is a great time to focus on things my fighters wanted to improve and utilizing it for others to improve the basics.

Tune in for the next chapter in the series where we will be featuring another gym that has reopened post-lockdown.


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