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How to choose the best Muay Thai Shorts: Basics you should know

LockerRoom Team
23 April 2022

Muay-Thai Shorts are something you would need if you are beginning your journey with the combat sport. Muay Thai, unlike other traditional Eastern martial arts, does not demand or enforce the use of uniforms. Aside from the customary Mongkhon (headband) and Prajiet (armbands) used by professional competitors, Muay Thai practitioners are permitted to train in any workout attire.

Muay Thai shorts, on the other hand, are gaining popularity as a result of their exposure in the fashion sector, and are even worn by celebrities on occasion. It are commonly preferred by the sport's practitioners for both functional and aesthetic reasons, despite the fact that they are not required for training.

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Over time, more Muay Thai, combat sports, fitness, and even fashion businesses have entered the market, offering a growing variety. When it comes to training gear, Muay Thai practitioners now have more alternatives than ever before. In this article, we'll go through the various factors to consider while selecting the best Muay Thai shorts. Below are some things you should keep in mind courtesy of Yokkao.

Things you need to keep in mind while buying Muay-Thai Shorts

  • Material
  • Design
  • Cutting


Nylon, satin, polyester-blend, and cotton are the four basic textiles used in Muay Thai shorts. Satin is the classic fabric, and many Muay Thai practitioners still like it because of its smooth feel and shiny sheen.

Nylon is another traditional fabric. It is the lightest of the common materials used for and it breathes better than satin. Nylon shorts are also less expensive than satin shorts. Nylon shorts, on the other hand, are less tear-resistant and absorb moisture quickly, making them see-through during workouts.

Cotton shorts are a more recent craze, although they're still quite rare. Cotton fabric is comfortable for loungewear, but it isn't great for training because it absorbs perspiration and isn't as light as other fabrics. Cotton has the advantage of being a more writable fabric, which allows for more design options.

For its many advantages, many Muay Thai manufacturers are now switching to quick-dry polyester-blend fabric. With sweat-wicking breathability, feel, and lightweight comfort, polyester-blend fabric gives the best of both worlds. Polyester-blend fabric enables for more bright and unique allover print designs thanks to dye-sublimation printing.


You feel better when you look well. Due to the numerous fight wear companies on the market, Muay Thai shorts come in a variety of styles. There is enough variety to appeal to a wide range of aesthetic preferences and styles.

Shorts customization is also available from some manufacturers and online fight wear stores, with the ability of adding personalised logos and even full personalization.


Muay Thai is a kickboxing style that uses a variety of kicking techniques. Body kicks and leg-chopping low kicks are among them, as are head-smashing high kicks and gravity-defying jumping kicks. The best shorts are cut to give you maximum flexibility of movement and enough of leg room.

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For striking training, some combat sports practitioners use knee-length MMA shorts. MMA shorts are often less breathable and comfortable, despite the fact that they are built for mobility and accommodate a wide range of movement. For Muay Thai training, nothing beats Muay Thai shorts.

Some of the Muay-Thai Shorts available out there are listed below.

Some of the Muay-Thai Shorts available online

  • Venum
  • Yokkao
  • USI Universal
  • LEW
  • Tuff Sport
  • Siamkick
  • MRX Boxing and Fitness

Before you commit to any brand, make sure that it is what you are looking for and that it works for you.


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