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Balkrishna Shetty reveals WMC Muay-Thai Events planned for the year 2021

LockerRoom Team
24 December 2020

Balkrishna Shetty has revealed the WMC Muay-Thai Events which are currently planned for the year 2021.

As we reported earlier, the professional Muay-Thai scene in India is all set to get a big boost in 2021 as the country is set to host the World Muay-Thai Council (WMC) Sanctioned events. The events will be promoted by one of the most decorated Indian Muay-Thai fighters and accomplished coach, Balkrishna Shetty. 

Balkrishna Shetty was a guest on the Cageside series by One Dojo last day where he revealed the schedule which is planned for the year 2021.

“The first step is to build the technical team: that we are planning to do somewhere in January 2021. The second plan immediately after that would be to hold a summit where we are going to call all the promoters in Muay-Thai and all the fighters who are big names in Muay-Thai for felicitationhe said.

A former ONE Championship athlete and Multiple time National Muay-Thai Champion, Balkrishna also added that the first event will be held in March.

“As per the current calendar, the first event will be in March, then April, and then in May. In March, it will be in Mumbai, then April will be in Bhopal and May event will be in Telangana, Hyderabad. In 2021, we are looking for six or eight events in 2021,” he added.

WMC is one of the oldest and largest sanctioning bodies for professional Muay-Thai and was set up in 1995 with a Thailand Parliament Resolution and is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government. WMC is currently merged with the International Federation of Muay-Thai Amateur (IFMA) which is working closely with the Sports Authority of Thailand and the International Olympic Committee after Muay-Thai was recognized by the IOC in 2019.   

Balkrishna also opened up about his Muay-Thai career, the potential names that could fight for the WMC titles, and much more. You can see the complete interview above.

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