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BRAVE CF 41: Luan Santiago promises to knock out Lucas Mineiro in first-round

LockerRoom Team
08 September 2020

Luan Santiago and Lucas Mineiro have been friends since they met back at BRAVE CF 3, in March of 2017. Both men were fighting different opponents that night and struck a friendship that was unbothered even when they decided to fight each other for BRAVE CF’s Lightweight title a year later. As one of the most anticipated rematches in Brazilian MMA history is scheduled for BRAVE CF 41, on September 17th, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, there appear to be cracks in their relationship.

It isn’t easy to determine when they went from friends to rivals, but according to Santiago, it all began when Lucas started ‘’bragging’’ about knocking him out. Their first contest was indeed won by Mineiro, who was behind on the scorecards but went for a takedown in the last seconds of the fight and got the victory after Luan dislocated his elbow.

For Santiago, the defeat was nothing short of a freak accident, and he didn’t like it when his then friend decided to boast he won by KO. Now, he promises to turn it around and ‘’hurt’’ Mineiro when they meet again in the co-main event of BRAVE CF 41.

‘’When we signed on to fight again, I was trying to be a gentleman, because of all the things we went through, but when I saw that social media post you did saying you pulled off a historic KO against me, I became angry. Now I’ll fight like I need to, looking to annihilate you, to hurt you. You have nothing to offer me. You’re stagnated. Now I’m waiting’’, said Luan in a direct message to Lucas.

Santiago also said he knows exactly what his rival will try to do when they fight, and guarantee he’ll be ready for whatever Mineiro has in store for him. Luan also said the fight won’t go past the first round, and he will knock his countryman out within the first four minutes.

‘’I know and I’m waiting for you to try and take me down, use your low kicks, I’m waiting for you to try and lock in an arm-triangle choke on me. You won’t do nothing. I’m going to knock you out in the first round, before four minutes and a half. I’m going to hurt you. A lot’’, ended Luan in a menacing tone.

Image Courtesy: UFC


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