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Amit Murasing: From Being Bullied as a kid to winning the BJJ title in Brazil

LockerRoom Team
17 April 2021

It was in Brazil that Indian MMA fighter Amit Murasing made his first major break. On 25 November 2019, the Gold Talents BJJ Event in Brazil played host to a proud moment for India. The Tripura-born Amit Murasing won the 70 KG Title at the event alongside UFC athletes Charles Oliveira and Markus Maluko and it turned out to be a milestone moment in his career.

Taking up Kickboxing classes secretly after getting bullied

His journey in Combat Sports started at a young age when he secretly joined kickboxing classes without the knowledge of his parents. What pushed him to take up combat sports classes were the older boys that used to bully him at school.

Amit Murasing: In my childhood, I always fought with the older boys in my class, they always liked to make fun because I was a bit innocent and very easy going, and Sometimes I felt I needed to be very strong and technical to protect myself since then I have wanted to learn martial arts, but my parents are both school teachers and they can't manage the time to take me to the Martial Arts Academy and also in my family education is more important than anything they believe because you know they are a teacher.

He continued the kickboxing classes for a few years after which he had to shift to Bangalore to pursue his graduation. Though his training stalled for a whole year, the shift to Bangalore opened him up to a long list of new opportunities.

Muay-Thai and BJJ

Amit found Muay-Thai classes in Bangalore and within no time, he ended up taking up BJJ as well under Rama Reddy. His urge to learn pushed him to soak as much knowledge as possible from all avenues possible. It was at this time that he formed his perspective of martial arts.

“There is no end of learning in life, discipline, self-control, fear none but respect all” he noted.

It was his exposure to UFC that pushed him into BJJ and six months into his grappling training; he made a leap into the competition arena as well. Since his love for combat sports was still a secret from his family, he had to support himself and struggled big-time with his nutrition and training needs at that point of time until he found a job that aided his career.

Amit Murasing: I got offered a job in FFC in Bangalore as a trainer and since I needed to money for my diet expense, I worked as an assistant Muay-Thai coach and assistant BJJ coach.  By teaching students also I learned many new things. And there, I learned more BJJ from several Brazilian black belts and Muay-Thai from many Krus from Thailand.

Soon, his parents also found out about his combat sports journey when photos from his fight and a photo of Amit with Mary Kom surfaced on social media. Fortunately, his parents took it positively and started supporting his combat sports journey.

Going to Brazil

Amit joined as a trainer in 2017 where he continued sharpening his skills. A year later, he got sponsorship from one of his BJJ teachers which gave him an opportunity to train and compete in Brazil. He landed in Brazil in 2019 but after a month’s training, he injured his leg which put him out of action for two months.

He made a strong comeback in training and managed to pile up wins in grappling competitions. His impressive resume landed him an opportunity to fight at the Gold Talent BJJ Championship where he won the title belt alongside Charles Oliveira and Markus Maluko.

Amit Murasing: My opponent was looking a bit skinny than me, On November 25th in the title fight I realized that he was soo tough I couldn’t able to take him down easily, I learned from there too we cannot judge people by seeing their size. But with my hard work, strength, and techniques I defeated him.

Amit was promoted to the purple belt after his win and visa expiration forced him to return to India while an MMA fight was being planned for him. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, he would have returned to Brazil to train but despite the small setback, Amit is looking ahead to a bright future in combat sports.

“Now wanna keep fighting in grappling, BJJ and MMA until I retire because it’s become my lifestyle. Let’s see where I could able to join in the future. Through Martial arts, I met many good people, good friends, learned how to live life, to stay healthy, strong, disciplined, humble, and respectful. People love me and got to know me because of martial arts. And I will never stop it,” he concluded.

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