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Coward seeking attention: Alex Pereira blasts Khamzat Chimaev

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Calendar Icon19 July 2022

UFC star Alex Pereira believes that Khamzat Chimaev is a ‘coward seeking attention’. The Brazilian told the same in his recent interview on the MMA Fighting Podcast and noted that Chimaev is looking for attention with his callouts.

Khamzat had called out Pereira after the Brazilian’s win over Sean Strickland. Pereira, however, is not at all interested in games as he is on his way to challenge Israel Adesanya for the UFC Middleweight title.

“These guys wanna make a name for themselves [by talking]. If I wasn’t going to fight for the belt already and he said something like that, hats off to him. But the way he’s doing it, he’s a coward. He’s a coward seeking attention,” Pereira said.

He also touched upon the fact that he is already guaranteed a title shot.

“[Chimaev] wants attention because he knows it doesn’t make sense. I’m going to go back and fight him when I’m already guaranteed for the belt? He wants attention, but he’ll have to take a number and go back to the line,” Pereira added.

Pereira, however, is open to a fight with Khamzat if Israel Adesanya is out of action and not able to defend the title anytime soon.

“I’m going to fight for the belt, it’s guaranteed. He wants to attention. ‘Oh, I wanna fight this guy.’ He knows I’m the next contender and he still says something like that. I’d like to see [what he would do] if Dana White came out and said, ‘Alex, your shot at Adesanya is guaranteed but he wants some time to prepare, so fight this guy first because he wants to fight you. Your title shot is still guaranteed,” Alex added.

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