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AIMMAF Open National MMA Championship 2021: Here is the list of medal winners

LockerRoom Team
06 December 2021

The All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) rolled out yet another successful event this past weekend. The AIMMAF Open National MMA Championship 2021 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai in association with the IHFF festival from December 3 to December 5. The event was also supported by Steadfast Nutrition and USI Universal as well.

The championship saw athletes from across the nation competing in different weight classes in MMA and Striking MMA discipline. In conjunction with the nationals, there was also a meet and greet featuring Indian MMA stars such as Abdul Muneer, Chaitanya Gavali, and Mohammed Farhad.

GAMMA Asian Championship medalist Kishore BK went home with yet another gold medal this time around when his KOI Combat Academy teammate Samiran Gogoi also won Gold in the Striking MMA Category at Bantamweight.

Sarita Rathod secured her second straight National Championship Gold. Karthikeya Dubey and Pratik Shetty won gold medals in their respective weight classes. Shebin KK won gold in both striking MMA and MMA disciplines and proved to be a huge success story at the event.

Manish Mahanta had a similar outing as he won gold in Lightweight for both striking MMA and MMA. GAMMA Asian Championship Medallist Shammas Latheef won a silver medal as well. You can see the complete results from the event below courtesy of the AIMMAF Team.

AIMMAF National MMA Championship 2021: Mumbai Results

Striking MMA: Strawweight

  1. Kishore BK
  2. Musharraf Khan
  3. Laki Wasi
  4. Binshad Ali

Striking MMA: Bantamweight

  1. Samiran Gogoi
  2. Dio Rio Mahanta
  3. Arjun A M
  4. Kishan Thapa

Striking MMA: Lightweight

  1. Manish Mahantha
  2. Akshay Shinde
  3. Narasimha Reddy
  4. Areeb Gazani

Striking MMA: Middleweight

  1. Shebin KK
  2. Niraj Waval
  3. Shazil Ali

MMA: Strawweight Women’s

  1. Saritha Rathod
  2. Ayisha Shaike
  3. Shaik Simran Shahida
  4. LYN

MMA: Women’s BantamWeight

  1. Zerin Imtiyaz
  2. Safiya Khalid
  3. Sheikh Shahida
  4. M Sreya

MMA: Men’s Strawweight

  1. Lakhi Wasi
  2. Kishore B K
  3. Musharaf Khan
  4. Marzuk Naik

MMA: Men’s Flyweight

  1. Rohith Deshmuk
  2. Prakamyan Gogoi
  3. Havish Reddy
  4. Fahad Mistry

MMA: Men’s Bantamweight

  1. Tor Preme
  2. Samiran Gogoi
  3. Nishad Sonam
  4. Prashant Jha

MMA: Men’s Featherweight

  1. Karthikeya Dubey
  2. Mohsin shaikh
  3. Arjun AM
  4. Kishan Thapa

MMA: Men’s Lightweight

  1. Manish Mahantha
  2. Shammas Abdul Latheef
  3. Sarthik Hegde
  4. Naveen Kumar

MMA: Men’s Welterweight

  1. Pratik Shetty
  2. Khan Muhammad Usama
  3. Syed Rufaid Qadri
  4. Abdul Shameer

MMA: Men’s Middleweight

  1. Shebin KK
  2. Shazil Ali
  3. Niraj Waval
  4. Tonoy Kumar

MMA: Men’s Super-Heavy

  1. Gagan Pal Singh  
  2. Ashir TP
  3. Rakim Singha

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