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How Ashish Sethi became the first Indian to win a fight at an IFMA event

Back in 2019, for the first time ever at an IFMA event, an Indian was standing at the Medal Podium after actually winning a fight.

Fraggingmonk Promotions postpone WKN India and WBC Muay Thai India Title Fights

The WKN India Title fights and WBC Muay Thai India title fight which were scheduled to take place this upcoming weekend in Bangalore have been postpo

Genetic Disorder to Money: How Ning Gogoi is fighting the odds for his dreams

Here is the inspiring story of Indian Muay-Thai Fighter Ning Gogoi who is fighting the odds for his dream

WMC Muay-Thai India Ranking Series 3: Here are the complete results

The third WMC Muay-Thai India Ranking Series event happened in Hyderabad last day and saw fighters from across the nation competing.

WBC Muay-Thai India hosts Youth Rules Briefing Seminar in Mysore

WBC Muay-Thai India hosted the first ever Youth Rules briefing seminar in the country on 27 March 2021 in Mysore

WMC India Muay-Thai Ranking Event Hyderabad: Here are the full results

WMC India hosted the first WMC India Muay-Thai ranking event in Hyderbad on 7 March 2021

WMC Ranking fights set to happen in Hyderabad on 7 March 2021

Hyderabad is all set to host interstate WMC Ranking Fights on 7 March 2021

Roar Championship 2: Here are the full fight videos and results from the event

Roar Championship rolled out their latest Muay-Thai event on January 10, 2021 and crowned champions in two weight classes.

Roar Championship Season 2: Here is the Full Fight Card for the event

Roar Championship will return with another exciting Muay-Thai event on January 10, 2021.

Balkrishna Shetty reveals WMC Muay-Thai Events planned for the year 2021

Balkrishna Shetty has revealed the WMC Muay-Thai Events which are currently planned for the year of 2021

WBC Muay-Thai India announces executive leadership team

WBC Muay-Thai India has announced the executive leadership team. The announcement was made by the association through their social media pages.