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Raul Rosas Jr says that he can be one of the biggest superstars in the UFC

LockerRoom Team
17 September 2023

In a moment that left fight fans at the T-Mobile Arena in awe, 18-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. made a resounding statement with a first-round stoppage victory over Terrance Mitchell at Noche UFC. Rosas Jr.'s electrifying performance has ignited his belief that he has the potential to become one of the UFC's biggest superstars, and his journey is already capturing the imagination of MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

From the opening bell, the bantamweights wasted no time in showcasing their striking prowess, with both fighters landing significant shots right from the start. However, it was Rosas Jr. who found the perfect opening, connecting with a powerful left hand that sent Mitchell crashing to the canvas. With his opponent down, Rosas Jr. seized the opportunity and unleashed a flurry of strikes, ultimately securing the victory with a decisive finish.

Rosas Jr.'s remarkable win serves as a testament to his immense talent and potential, particularly considering his tender age. As the youngest fighter on the UFC roster, his journey in the Octagon is poised to be a captivating story to follow in the years ahead.

In a post-fight interview, Rosas Jr. expressed his belief that he can become one of the UFC's biggest superstars, boldly stating, "I'm different." This declaration signifies his unwavering confidence and determination to rise to the top of the mixed martial arts world. With his explosive debut and the promise of further development, fight fans can anticipate thrilling performances from Rosas Jr. as he continues to evolve as a competitor.

“I’m different. I have the potential to be a superstar. Break all these records. I’m just being myself and I’m just blessed that I’m the way that I am.” He said in the post-fight interview.

As the UFC welcomes this young prodigy into its ranks, the future undoubtedly holds exciting and defining moments for Raul Rosas Jr. His journey from here onward will be a captivating narrative, as he strives to prove that he is indeed "different" and destined for greatness in the world of professional MMA.


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