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MMA Achieves National Recognition in Thailand: TAMMA Takes the Lead

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Calendar Icon29 June 2024

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has achieved national recognition as a sport in Thailand, accredited by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), owing to the diligent efforts of the Thai Association of Mixed Martial Arts (TAMMA), an esteemed member of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA).

The influential SAT board, led by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit, serving as President alongside Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee as the Governor, has officially endorsed MMA at the highest national level. This landmark decision was formalized into Thai law on Thursday, June 18, 2024.

TAMMA, at the forefront of MMA development and promotion in Thailand, has collaborated extensively with various organizations to foster the sport's growth domestically and throughout Southeast Asia. Notably, TAMMA has spearheaded initiatives to leverage MMA's social benefits and opportunities, including the introduction of an MMA project in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei slum in partnership with the Fight for the Future Foundation.

In a significant milestone, TAMMA secured the hosting rights for the prestigious GAMMA World Championships in Bangkok in 2023. This followed the successful organization of the inaugural Asian MMA Championships under the auspices of the Asian MMA Association (AMMA), recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

TAMMA’s leadership includes General Taweep Jantararoj as Honorary President, Sirichet Punthipayanon as President, and Achilleus Ralli as Vice-President. General Secretary Achilleus Ralli expressed gratitude on behalf of TAMMA for SAT’s recognition of MMA, affirming TAMMA's commitment to furthering the sport in Thailand. He highlighted ongoing efforts such as training courses for referees, judges, and coaching workshops aimed at enhancing Thailand’s MMA community.

GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt commended TAMMA’s achievement, emphasizing Thailand's martial arts legacy and its pivotal role in MMA. He noted that formal recognition would ensure MMA's structured growth and equitable distribution of benefits to communities and athletes.

Looking ahead, TAMMA anticipates hosting the National Championships on June 29, 2024, providing local athletes with a platform to advance within Thailand’s national system and onto the global MMA stage.

For further updates on TAMMA’s initiatives and MMA in Thailand, stay tuned to official channels and announcements from TAMMA and GAMMA.


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