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I will get arrested: Viktoriia Dudakova on dating Francis Ngannou or Colby Covington

LockerRoom Team
03 April 2024

In a recent interview ahead of her fight, Viktoriia Dudakova candidly discussed her dating preferences, revealing that neither Francis Ngannou nor Colby Covington fit her ideal partner criteria.

Addressing a question posed by a journalist regarding Ngannou's recent remarks about his search for a compatible partner, Dudakova expressed that the heavyweight fighter did not align with her personal preferences. She chuckled as she firmly stated, "No (laughs) he’s not my type."

When asked about her thoughts on Covington, Dudakova maintained her stance, asserting that the welterweight contender was also not someone she would consider dating. She humorously remarked, "Covington is not mine either (laughs). Colby Covington - if there’s some sort of argument at our house, he’d call the police, and I’d get arrested. Why would I need that?"

Dudakova's candid responses offer a glimpse into her personal life outside the realm of combat sports, showcasing her sense of humor and practicality. 


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