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Daniella Hemsley goes viral after crazy celebration at KingPyn Boxing

LockerRoom Team
16 July 2023

Daniella Hemsley made quite an impression at the latest KingPyn boxing event with a memorable moment that gained attention.

Hemsley, known as a model with a substantial following of 106,000 on Instagram, ventured into the world of Influencer boxing. On April 22, she participated in her inaugural exhibition boxing match during the opening round of the women's KingPyn tournament.

In her debut fight, Hemsley faced off against Jully 'Poca' Oliveira. However, her performance did not go as planned, as 'Poca' dominated the match and emerged as the unanimous winner with a decision score of 50-45 across all judges.

Consequently, Hemsley found herself in the runner-up bracket, leading to a matchup against Aleksandra 'Ms.Danielka' Daniel on Saturday, July 15. After a grueling battle lasting five rounds, Hemsley secured her first victory with a unanimous scorecard of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

Following her triumph in the KingPyn semifinals, Hemsley decided to celebrate in a rather unconventional way. She lifted her shirt and briefly exposed herself to the live camera broadcasting on DAZN. The resulting video quickly gained popularity on social media, and some individuals expressed concerns about the reaction from DAZN and KingPyn officials. Nonetheless, Hemsley seized the opportunity to create a viral moment, while also demonstrating her growth since her initial loss in the influencer boxing scene. This improvement could potentially lead to further opportunities in the future.

Regrettably, due to her defeat in the opening round, Daniella Hemsley will not be able to win the women's KingPyn tournament. However, the OnlyF*ns model will have a chance to showcase her skills in the upcoming third event of the tournament on August 5, hosted at the O2 Arena in London.

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Before Hemsley's match against 'Ms.Danielka,' Whitney Johns faced off against Amber O'Donnell in the other matchup of the women's runner-up bracket. Johns managed to bounce back from her loss against 6ar6ie6 and secured a unanimous decision victory against O'Donnell, with scores of 50-45 from all judges.

As a result, Hemsley and Johns will determine the runner-up in the women's KingPyn tournament. Only time will reveal whether Hemsley decides to repeat her previous exposure, assuming she emerges triumphant against Johns.


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