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BRAVE CF Caps Off 2023 with Explosive BRAVE International Combat Week Trilogy

LockerRoom Team
29 November 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation, the leading global MMA organization, is gearing up for a spectacular conclusion to the legendary year of 2023. The organization has recently revealed its plans to expand its reach with two additional shows during the third edition of the BRAVE International Combat Week (BICW) this year.

Scheduled for December 5 and December 8, BRAVE CF 77 and BRAVE CF 79 will bookend BRAVE CF 78, set to take place in Fortaleza, Brazil, on December 7. These events will be followed by the grand finale of the year, BRAVE CF 80, serving as the highlight of the BRAVE International Combat Week.

Known as the largest combat sports festival globally, the BICW has traversed the globe this year, making its debut in Europe (Serbia) and South America (Colombia).

Now, the BRAVE International Combat Week returns to its roots in the Kingdom of Bahrain, hosting three professional BRAVE CF events alongside the IMMAF Asian Championships. The latter is organized in collaboration with the Asian MMA Federation (AMMAF) and the International MMA Federation (IMMAF).

The year 2023 has proven to be historic for BRAVE Combat Federation, witnessing the BICW venture beyond Bahrain for the first time and establishing the organization as the sole MMA entity to be hosted in 29 countries. This number is set to rise to 30 with the upcoming debut in Spain on November 18 for BRAVE CF 75.

Following this landmark event, BRAVE CF 76 is scheduled to captivate Jakarta, Indonesia, a week later. The organization is concluding the year with a series of four remarkable shows in December, including its return to Brazil after a four-year hiatus. The trilogy of events during the BRAVE International Combat Week is poised to showcase the pinnacle of mixed martial arts on a global stage.

BRAVE CF's End of Year Calendar

18 November

BRAVE CF 75 - Tenerife, Spain

25 November

BRAVE CF 76 - Jakarta, Indonesia

5 December

BRAVE CF 77 – Isa Town, Bahrain

7 December

BRAVE CF 78: Victorious - Fortaleza, Brazil

8 December

BRAVE CF 79 – Isa Town, Bahrain

15 December

BRAVE CF 80 - Isa Town, Bahrain

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