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BRAVE CF 74: Salim El Oussaidi vs. Pavel Dailidko to happen at the event

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Calendar Icon31 August 2023

Just a few short months ago, the world witnessed Salim El Oussaidi etching his name in the annals of MMA by conquering the legendary Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Since then, the anticipation for his next move has been palpable, and the veil of mystery is now lifted.

Come September 7, a defining moment awaits Salim El Oussaidi as he prepares to enter the cage against Pavel Dailidko at BRAVE CF 74. With an impressive six-fight win streak hanging in the balance, the stakes are high. However, this challenge is about more than just a winning streak; El Oussaidi will showcase his skills on the international stage, representing his homeland under the banner of the world's premier MMA organization.

Born in Lille, Salim El Oussaidi is of French-Moroccan heritage, tracing his roots to Al Hoceima and Montagnes du Rif. His training home is Team AFC, where he's honed his craft in preparation for this pivotal moment.

Salim El Oussaidi is a testament to the adage that appearances can be deceiving. Despite not fitting the mold of a conventional athlete, he has repeatedly shattered expectations, demonstrating his ability to thrive among the elite.

While he attributes his success to his cardio, mobility, and flexibility, El Oussaidi openly acknowledges the need to bolster his punching power. Encouragingly, his record boasts three wins by TKO or KO, revealing his capacity to finish fights in emphatic fashion.

In the constellation of fighters on this card, Salim El Oussaidi stands poised to shine as a standout star. Armed with a solid foundation, unwavering self-assurance, and an adversary in Dailidko who matches his intensity, El Oussaidi has the ingredients for an electrifying performance.

As the countdown to BRAVE CF 74 continues, the spotlight intensifies on Salim El Oussaidi, a rising force who is destined to redefine expectations and leave an indelible mark on the MMA landscape. The journey unfolds, and the world watches with bated breath as this emerging phenom takes center stage once more.


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