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Woh Shri Ram Hain: Anshul Jubli plays pivotal role in new music video

LockerRoom Team
22 January 2024

In a harmonious collaboration, renowned YouTuber and entertainer Amit Bhadana, along with talented singer Divya Kumar and Indian MMA star Anshul Jubli, has released a soul-stirring bhajan titled "Woh Shri Ram Hain." This musical endeavour is a melodic celebration of the spirit of Shree Ram, dedicated to the embodiment of love, courage, and righteousness.

The Video showcases Anshul Jubli, an accomplished Indian UFC fighter, playing a role interpreted as Lord Shri Ram in the accompanying video.

Hailing from the picturesque state of Uttarakhand in India, Anshul Jubli has carved a niche for himself in the world of mixed martial arts. Known for his prowess in the UFC, Anshul earned his contract by emerging victorious in the highly competitive Road to UFC. Despite the challenges, he made his debut against Mike Breeden, displaying his dedication and commitment to the sport.

Unfortunately, Anshul Jubli faced a setback in his debut match, suffering a third-round stoppage loss against Mike Breeden. However, his resilience and passion for the sport have made him a notable figure in the Indian UFC scene.

The musical credits for "Woh Shri Ram Hain" include the captivating voice of Divya Kumar, the featured talents of Amit Bhadana and Anshul Jubli, and the enchanting composition by Raas. The music, skillfully crafted by Arpan Bawa, is brought to life through the mix and masterwork of Gurjinder Guri. The visual storytelling is skillfully directed by Robby Singh, with the entire project being brought to fruition by the efforts of Yogesh Dixit, Amit Bhadana, and Manish Dixit.

The video, a visual spectacle complementing the divine essence of the song, features an array of talented individuals in its production. The assistant director, Jagteshwar Thind, and the production house, Saimotionpicture, played crucial roles in bringing the vision to reality. The artistic direction by Gur Prakash Mehra, along with the efforts of the production team, including Kaif, Honey, Manish, and Rohit, ensured a seamless execution of the project.

The lyrics and composition, credited to Raas, are a heartfelt tribute to Shri Ram, reflecting the virtues of love, courage, and righteousness associated with the revered deity. The song not only serves as a musical treat but also carries a profound message of devotion and unity.

"Woh Shri Ram Hain" is not just a musical creation but a heartfelt expression of anticipation for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. As the nation eagerly awaits this significant moment, the bhajan encourages listeners to unite in devotion and spread the message of peace and unity. The project is presented under the label of Bhakti Music Station, showcasing the synergy between spiritual music and contemporary entertainment.

In addition to the creative team, the project owes its success to the support of partners such as Bhutani Infra, Coin Digital (Digital Partner), and the diligent efforts of individuals like Parvez Bhateja, Project Head, and Chandan Prabhakar, the manager.


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