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VIDEO: Amanda Ribas reveals her daily routine in her new mini vlog

LockerRoom Team
20 February 2024

Amanda Ribas, the esteemed UFC fighter, recently treated her followers to an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of her daily routine through a captivating mini vlog shared on Instagram.

In a post that piqued the curiosity of fans, Ribas extended an invitation with the caption: "Come with me on this mini vlog, find out what my Tuesday morning looks like! What do you guys usually do??"

With this enticing invitation, Ribas opened the doors to her world, offering a rare opportunity for fans to accompany her through the intricacies of her Tuesday morning routine. As one of the most revered athletes in the UFC, Ribas' insights into her daily life provide a fascinating perspective for fans eager to delve deeper into her journey as a professional fighter.

Through her mini vlog, Ribas provides a firsthand account of her morning rituals, shedding light on the routines and practices that contribute to her success inside and outside the Octagon. From her training regimen to her nutrition habits and everything in between, Ribas offers an intimate portrayal of the dedication and discipline required to excel in the competitive realm of mixed martial arts.


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