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UFC 244: Nate Diaz Details the USADA hiccup ahead of his BMF Title Match

LockerRoom Team
01 November 2019

The road to UFC 244 had its fair share of hiccups. The biggest one perhaps was the standoff between Nate Diaz and USADA.

Diaz and USADA had a brief spell of hostility last week after Diaz noted that he might not fight against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 after being flagged for tainted supplements. The issue, however, boiled over quick with the entire MMA community coming in support of Diaz.

USADA and UFC subsequently released a statement saying that Diaz was cleared to fight at UFC 244 and noted that he was clean.  During the recent UFC 244 Media call, Diaz detailed the whole issue.

“They were like, you're going to stop taking all your supplements and I was like okay, yes. Cool. I’m like look dude, on the real, I just took a recovery week. I just took a recovery week. I just took it easy a little bit because I was overworking from the last fight, the Pettis fight. I just went straight down like okay, gun blazing, we’re still going. went home and got back in action before they even announced the fight. I could feel it was still on. I didn't know when or where. I took a few weeks where I went was like at the beach and s***, but I was still working out and then I was like man, I need to take a recovery week. I’m working. So I took it easy, and then when they started telling me that, I was like s***, if anything motherf***er. I’m recovered and I’m powered up. So I might be up on my testosterone or some s***. Who knows? I kind of laughed at it. Like what - that's like - that's crazy. I didn’t even ask details. They just said someone was part of it. I’m like yes, all I can think of is that I'm just harder because I took it easy. And so I did not stop taking any supplements. I did not stop doing anything that I do. I just kept on keeping on. I double up on supplements, because I got all f***ing all raw, all vegan, all garden life. I mean, all f***ing this plant based s***. And I just kept going. And when the next test came in and I’m like, what this one say? Like laughing, and they're like oh, this one you're like testing high. I'm like, oh okay, you guys are f***ing with me now. So I kept doing what I was doing. I was like, they’ve got to retest and check their s***. Something is wrong with that s***. And you guys out here trying to stress me out when I’ve got to fight this thing on fair ground right here. This here is fair ground for me. Jorge has swamped me about this. So how about to fight f***ing off and let’s let UFC and Masvidal and all these motherf***ers sweat, because I don't give a f*** about talking about steroids. You know what I’m saying? If you're on steroids, you don't want to talk about steroids. I've been around motherf***ers on steroids, and he started talking about steroids, then he started looking the other direction and s***, you know what I’m saying? So I test all year, you know what I’m saying.” Nate noted.

Nate also went on to note that his relationship with UFC is something that might change with each fight.

“I shouldn’t be getting into the details, but every time after a fight, relationships change with the whole company, every fight, you know what I’m saying? What if I win this fight? What if I win this fight? For one, I'm already the baddest motherf***er in the whole game. I made all this happen. So the title is already mine. And now, what if I win this fight? They can’t have a f***ing real motherf***er like me owning the whole s***, being the hardest, because too many people are going to hear it, you know what I’m saying? And I’m not trying to bust nobody out, but I feel like they need some type of leverage over me to keep me from being the f***ing king of the whole s***, you know what I’m saying? They have been the whole time. They live on me. As soon as I fought Conor the second time, which I didn't lose, they loop holed me out of the whole situation like you’ve got to fight your way back up. I’m like no. I'm still at the top. I’m going to stay at the top. I'll come back when I feel like it. And looks what happens when I do,” he added.

With all the dust now settled down, Nate will be locking horns with Masvidal this weekend at Madison Square Garden.

UFC 244 will be live and exclusive in India on 3rd November 2019 from 07:30 am (IST) on SONY TEN 2 & SONY TEN 2 HD


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