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Listen: The Fighting G.O.A.T Episode featuring Mimoh Chakraborty

LockerRoom Team
05 June 2021

The Fighting G.O.A.T Podcast is back with another exciting episode and in the latest offering, Arjun Chipalkatti AKA Mystic Chips, and Somesh Kamra discusses a variety of topics with guest Mimoh Chakraborty.

A huge MMA fan and also an aspiring actor, Mimoh along with Arjun and Somesh, talk about a lot of throwback fights, how did he start following MMA, and what was his experience when he met one of the big names in the MMA world, and more.

You can watch the episode below.

Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below. You can follow Arjun & Somesh on their Instagram handles: @arjun_chipalkatti & @somesh.kamra

About The Fighting: G.O.A.T:

As the name suggests – The Fighting G.O.A.T is a podcast on everything COMBAT! From MMA to Boxing to Wrestling to Kickboxing, you can now get your weekly dose of the latest of UFC, K-1, WBC, and everything in between straight from the Voices of the Internet and Combat Pioneers - Arjun Chipalkatti aka Mystic Chips & Somesh Superhuman Kamra, that will not only look to knock you out with this one but will take you down and heel hook you till the end.

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