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Here is the Indian Team for the 2019 GAMMA World Championship

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16 November 2019

India is set to be represented strongly at the 2019 GAMMA World Championship as 21 Indian fighters will be competing at the event.

The championship is hosted by Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) in partnership with ONE Championship and will see more than 40 countries participating.

The event will also have ONE Championship contracts and EVOLVE MMA scholarships up for grabs. The winner of each weight division will earn a one year training scholarship at Evolve MMA while top athletes are expected to receive contract with ONE Championship worth USD $100,000 each.

The Indian team will consist of some of the top amateur fighters from all across the nation along with coaches and officials. Below is the complete list of Team India for the World Championship.


  • Aditya Sanil
  • Akshata Khadtare
  • Charles PB
  • Deep Salelkar Balikanand
  • Divya Nagaraj
  • Kiran Naik
  • Mandeep
  • Mohitkumar Tiwari
  • Nikunj Sharma
  • Pawan Sharma
  • Priya Saini
  • Rayyan Butt
  • Renuka Kavadi
  • Sahil Dahiya
  • Shammas Abdul Lateef
  • Shivaraj Basappa
  • Siddharth Trivedi
  • Sumit
  • Syed Abdul  Nazzeur Ibrahim
  • Vijayanand Rajendran
  • Vishnu Warrier

Coaches and officials:

  • Susovan Ghosh
  • Jitendra Khare
  • Abdul Muneer
  • Shyam Prasad
  • Samith Bhatt
  • Preksha Jhaveri
  • Suvro Basu

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